I’m doing a Livestream about Doctor Guilt!

REAL Reflective Practice for Doctors: GUILT

Forget your e-portfolios for a moment. Reflective practice might be a mandatory training requirement, but rarely does it give doctors the opportunity and skillset to truly process the emotions that surround their work. And with concerns in recent years over the confidentiality of those reflections, it can feel like being authentic and honest is not an option.

That’s why I’m doing this livestream – to practice some real reflection, i.e. take a deep dive into the mental, emotional and spiritual realities so unique to the medical profession. And on Monday we’ll be looking at the theme of Guilt.

Date: Monday 6th April 2020

Time: 7.30 – 8.15 pm

Place: The Disillusioned Medic YouTube channel

Guilt a familiar feeling to a lot of doctors (me included…) but now, in this unprecedented situation, ‘doctor guilt’ is taking on new forms… Are you self-isolating and feeling guilty for not being there for your frontline colleagues? Beating yourself up because you can’t be faster, cleverer, less exhausted than you are right now? Perhaps you’re a retired doctor feeling bad for not coming back, or not helping as much as you think you should be? Or maybe you feel you don’t deserve the public support and generosity being shown at this time?

Join me as we explore:

  • Why doctors experience guilt and how it’s different from other professions
  • The impacts of guilt on our personal and professional wellbeing
  • How we reframe those narratives in a more healthy way

SPECIAL GUEST: I’ll be joined by Dr Amrita Sen Mukherjee, a GP with a special interest in Occupational Health, Wellbeing and Positive Psychology. She’ll be sharing her own perspectives on how doctors experience guilt, as well as her research around the powerful impact of positive emotions.

Hope to see you there! Just click on the link above to join 🙂


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