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The Disillusioned Medic

An ex-doctor on a mission to inspire those who feel stuck, beaten down & told that the mountain can’t be moved.

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Anjalee Disillusioned Medic

About me

Hi, I'm Anjalee

I started out as an NHS doctor, but in 2015 I left to pursue a more creatively fulfilling career. I went into strategic marketing and comms consultancy, co-founded CenSfera, and started coaching other doctors who were feeling stuck in the medicine world.

I thought my clinical days were well and truly behind me until covid-19 happened and now I’m back on the medical register! Who knows what the next few weeks will bring… but in the meantime I’ll be using my Disillusioned Medic platform to support doctors during this difficult time. Stay safe everyone. 

My work

Writer, business consultant and mentor for career-questioning doctors.

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Real Reflective Practice

I got so sick of the bullshit ‘reflective practice’ I got forced to do as a doctor, so I decided to set up a show to showcase how it should be done.

Coaching & Mentoring

I’ve met so many amazing doctors through this blog. I love to hear their stories, and oftentimes, it turns into mentorship. That’s why I launched my mentorship programme.

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My blog

Disillusioned with medicine, and tired of being a doctor, I resigned from the job in the NHS in Dec 2015, and embarked on a journey to discover alternative careers for doctors and personal fulfilment.

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Mentee Reviews

I can’t recommend mentorship with Anjalee enough. I sought her advice to help with making a career change to a non-medical career and her help was invaluable. Her guidance was intelligent, compassionate and practical.

Dr R


I cannot recommend Anjalee highly enough as a career coach. She has helped me with many obstacles surrounding career change, including managing negativity from others & dealing with internal anxieties related to the career change. 

Dr I


I connected with Anjalee after I read her blog & resonated with a lot of thoughts she had. Anjalee has a natural empathy & connection with her clients so that you feel extremely comfortable, & willing to open up to her quickly.

Dr T