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Inspiring those who feel stuck, beaten down &  told that the mountain can’t be moved.

About Me

Hi, I'm anjalee

I started out as an NHS doctor, but in 2015 I left to pursue a more creatively fulfilling career. I went into strategic marketing and comms consultancy, co-founded CenSfera, and started coaching other doctors who were feeling stuck in the medicine world.

I thought my clinical days were well and truly behind me until covid-19 happened and now I’m back on the medical register! Who knows what the next few weeks will bring… but in the meantime I’ll be using my Disillusioned Medic platform to support doctors during this difficult time. Stay safe everyone. 



three sessions

Three mentoring sessions to figure out "what's going on?"

five sessions

Five mentoring sessions to allow you to "tell me more"

seven sessions

Seven mentoring sessions so we can go into a "deeper dive"

discuss real reflective practice with us

Every Monday evening I invite a new guest to discuss different topics that encompass real reflective practice

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I am an ex-junior doctor.

I worked in the NHS for just over two years. I went to medical school for six years. But in 2015, at the age of 26, I resigned from my job. I have been using this blog ever since to document my career journey, and the emotional process of leaving something that had become such a huge part of my identity.


Ok… so this is a bit embarrassing. On last week’s Real Reflective Practice on the theme of ‘Creativity’, I opened...

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Chin up

So last week was mental health awareness week. I feel like this year it’s come at a particularly poignant time,...

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Still waiting…

So it’s been well over a month since I got the email from the GMC to tell me they’d reinstated...

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Upcoming Livestreams!

Happy Wednesday all! Just a quick note to tell you I’ve got another THREE Real Reflective Practice livestreams confirmed! After...

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