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About the show: I got so sick of the bullshit ‘reflective practice’ I got forced to do as a doctor. There you are, in a highly demanding profession that requires you to deal with sickness, death, injustice, pain and loss, and all the space you’re given to reflect is some crappy form to fill in on your e-portfolio? Reflective practice is a crucial part of being a doctor – hell, it’s a crucial part of LIFE. So let’s make our own reflection space. Let’s grapple with the emotional realities of our profession. And let’s do it as it should be done.

Email me your own reflections (don’t forget to give yourself a pseudonym!) and I’ll read them out on the show:

Real Reflective Pratice Livestreams: Mondays 7.30 pm (UK)


SPECIAL GUEST: Dr Michael Samy, Software Developer and former NHS doctor

  • Broadening our definitions of creativity
  • The link between creativity loss and identity loss
  • Manager vs Maker mindsets


SPECIAL GUEST: Hannah Cajee, Writer, Artist and Secondary School Educator in Modern Foreign Languages

  • How the Covid-19 pandemic has blurred work and home boundaries
  • When to have impermeable vs porous boundaries
  • The connection between self value and boundaries


SPECIAL GUEST: Catie Romero-Finger, Entreprenuer and Strategic Marcoms Consultant

  • How does Change impact us?
  • Is Change always hard, and is it always a bad thing?
  • How can we draw on our past experiences of Change to help us deal with it now?


SPECIAL GUEST: Dr Evgenia Galinskaya, Dermatologist turned Career Coach and Headhunter

  • When you’re considering whether to leave medicine, it’s hard to know whether it’s really the right thing to do.
  • Is the grass really greener on the other side?
  • Does the hope that thing will be better really pay off?


SPECIAL GUEST: Dr Amrita Sen Mukherjee, a GP with a special interest in Occupational Health, Wellbeing and Positive Psychology.

  • External vs internal conflicts
  • Conflict of ideals vs reality, particularly in the face of Covid-19
  • Co-existing with conflict and changing our language around it


SPECIAL GUEST: Chris Hafner, Business Strategist, Investor and Entrepreneur in the Health Tech and Wellness industries

  • What does it mean to be a great leader?
  • How does poor leadership affect the healthcare sector and those who work in it
  • Leadership in the context of a global pandemic


SPECIAL GUEST: Dr Gyles Morrison, former NHS doctor, now Clinical UX designer, Behaviour Change and Digital Therapeutics Specialist and International Speaker

  • Why doctors become disillusioned and why it’s such as overwhelming feeling for us
  • The constituent parts of disillusionment and how to recognise them
  • How we deal with disillusionment in a way that helps us to grow


SPECIAL GUEST: Sally Beyer MCIPD DipCG, Coach and Career Consultant with special expertise in Imposter Syndrome

  • What is Imposter Syndrome and how do we recognise it?
  • What are the impacts of having the Imposter voice in our heads?
  • How can we challenge the Imposter and reframe our beliefs?


SPECIAL GUEST: Dr Amrita Sen Mukherjee, a GP with a special interest in Occupational Health, Wellbeing and Positive Psychology

  • Why doctors take on so much guilt and how it’s different from other professions
  • The impacts of guilt on our personal and professional wellbeing
  • The positive vs negative aspects of feeling guilt • How we reframe those narratives in a more healthy way

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