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Dr Anjalee Perera


Hi! I’m Anjalee, aka the Disillusioned Medic. I’m a writer, a marketing consultant and a career coach for doctors who want to leave medicine.

I qualified from the University of Bristol in 2013 and started working in London. However, during my FY2 year, I realised that medicine wasn’t right for me. My mental health was suffering, I was bored in the job and felt very lost, so I left the medical profession in 2015.

I knew it was the right thing to do, but I was wracked with a sense of guilt over leaving and had absolutely no idea what to do next. So – naturally – I wrote a blog to vent about it to the internet… and the Disillusioned Medic was born!

Now I’ve found my sense of purpose and have a career that fulfils me, and I coach other doctors who want to leave medicine, but feel as stuck as I once did. I’m also a mama to my wonderful daughter.

I hope that hearing and reading about my story will inspire you, make you feel less alone and show you that the mountain can indeed be moved.

Dr India Duane

Head of Marketing & Social Media

India studied medicine at the University of Aberdeen, graduating in 2019 and gaining her full license to practice in 2020.

Following this she handed in her scrubs and stethoscope to explore more creatively fulfilling avenues (but perhaps really just so she could adopt a dog?).

India now works as a Business Development executive for a private healthcare company, and as Head of Marketing and Social Media for Disillusioned Medic.

She is passionate about improving the support and information available to doctors considering non-traditional career paths after medical school.

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Dr Hana Ali

Head of Web Development & UX Design

Hana graduated from The University of Liverpool’s School of Medicine in 2017, after which she chose to explore a non-traditional graduation route and dive straight into the digital health industry.

She moved to Berlin, where she still lives today, to run the medical department for a young digital start-up, before going on to study User Experience (UX) design.

She then started her very own digital health venture, and is the Founder & CEO of Gaia Medical, a social enterprise on a mission to create a trustworthy, high-quality, and free-to-access online public health education platform for Iraq. She is also Webmaster and UX Designer here at Disillusioned Medic.

Hana is passionate about good leadership and mental health, and has a keen interest in supporting medical students who are considering leaving medicine during their studies or straight after graduation.