How our

Coaching journey started

Anjalee never intended for her personal blog to turn into a coaching business, but when dozens of doctors began to reach out to her asking for guidance, she realised how much she loved helping them and launched the Disillusioned Medic mentorship programme. Now she’s no longer alone in this work – her coaching team continue to support doctors to find direction in their personal and professional lives.

Our coaching style

We’re not really your typical career coaches – we don’t give specific advice about how exactly to go down particular career paths. We won’t have you doing personality tests or tell you which industry would work for you. So if you’ve made a definite decision about which field or side-hustle you want to explore, it might be best to seek out a coach or mentor who can provide you with the relevant facts and resources.

We refer to our style as ‘therapeutic mentorship’*. We’re the ones people come to when they’re lost, confused, and perhaps racked with guilt and anxiety. We’re here for the doctors really questioning thier lives and careers, and what find doctors value about us is the space to talk openly with someone who’s been there themselves. Our coaching is about being your soundboard, your empathetic ear, someone you can tell your story to. We’ll ask you the questions that will help you think about yourself and make sense of things. We’ll challenge you when you get down on yourself, be the nudge to help you hold yourself accountable, and happily go over the same fears and doubts a thousand times if that’s what you need.

Everything you say to us will be treated in the strictest confidence, in accordance with the Oaths we took the day we left medical school, which we still take extremely seriously and always will.

Anjalee Disillusioned Medic


disillusionment clinics

✓ 2 hour session
✓ Group deep coaching
✓ Receive the 'I've had it with medicine' resources pack to get you started
✓ Connect with like-minded people, and share experiences and support**

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one-to-one coaching


Keen to have individual support? Get clarity in a 90 min session with Anjalee.

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I just wanted to thank you for replying to my emails even before the coaching session and giving me the nudge I needed to find my own direction. I’m really excited about the future and it’s so nice to feel content and have my mental health in check.

Dr M


Thanks so much for our chat the other day! It was a really helpful session and definitely a good starting point to figure out what to do next.

[Following single session]

Dr K


I connected with Anjalee after I read her blog & resonated with a lot of thoughts she had. Anjalee has a natural empathy & connection with her clients so that you feel extremely comfortable, & willing to open up to her quickly.

Dr T



*We are not a qualified therapists, nor do we have any psychology training beyond that from our medical training. The coaching we provide is for informational purposes only, and does not substitute for mental health support from a licensed professional. If you are experiencing mental health problems, we strongly recommend seeking professional assistance.

**The number of coachees at any individual clinic may vary, but all attendees must be medical professionals (medical students or qualified doctors) and must agree to the coachee confidentiality commitment before being permitted to participate.