Interested in mentorship with the Disillusioned Medic?

I’ve met so many amazing doctors through this blog. I love to hear their stories, and oftentimes, it turns into mentorship. That’s why I launched my mentorship programme, helping doctors to find direction in their personal and professional lives (scroll down for options).

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My coaching style

I’m not a career coach in the official sense – I don’t give specific or practical advice about particular career paths, and I won’t have you doing personality tests or give you very targeted homework. So if you’ve made a definite decision about which field or side-hustle you want to explore, and you’re looking for facts and resources, it might be best to seek out a professional coach who can help with that.

I refer to my style as ‘therapeutic mentorship’*. I’m the one people come to when they’re in that place of really questioning what to do with their career and their lives at this point. I find what doctors value about me is the space to talk openly with someone who’s been there themselves. I’ll be your soundboard, your empathetic ear, someone you can tell your story to. I’ll ask you the questions that will help you think about yourself and make sense of things. I’ll challenge you when you get down on yourself, be the nudge to help you hold yourself accountable, and happily go over the same fears, anxieties and doubts a thousand times if that’s what you need.

Everything you say to me will be treated in the strictest confidence, in accordance with the Oath I took the day I left medical school, which I still take extremely seriously and always will.

Mentorship Options

Option 1:

“What’s going on?”

3 sessions


Option 2:

“Tell me more”

5 sessions


Option 3:

“Deeper Dive”

7 sessions


Sessions are one hour long and conducted over the phone/video conference depending on mentee preference. Frequency also depends on mentee preference, but I’d recommend somewhere between once a week to once a month. Once the programme has finished, you are welcome to sign up for another (no obligation!), or continue on an individual session basis at £75 per session

Let’s talk.

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*Disclaimer: I am not a qualified therapist, nor do I have any psychology training beyond that from my medical training. The mentorship I provide during these sessions is purely for informational purposes and from my experience only, and does not substitute for mental health support from a licensed professional.