Exciting news! Our first VIRTUAL RETREAT is happening!

Hey all, Anjalee here! I mentioned a while back that my team and I were working on some exciting new things for Disillusioned Medic… And now I am completely THRILLED to announce our very first Mini Virtual Retreat will be going live on Saturday January 15th, 10 am – 2 pm GMT. 😃

If you’re feeling disillusioned and stuck in your medical career and you want to make a change but have no idea where to start, this retreat is for you! You’ll be joining me for this live Career Coaching experience for inspiration and clarity over your next steps, and becoming a part of a whole community of career-questioning medics who are ready to make a change.

In three intensive seminars, I’ll be taking you through:

  • Why we end up questioning our careers
  • How we as medics approach a professional transition and go for the life we want
  • Navigating non-clinical opportunities with confidence

You’ll have the chance to submit your career change questions beforehand for me to address during the seminars, and there will be opportunities to ask me questions LIVE on the day. And the best bit? Because we’re launching this for the first time ever, this event will be completely free to attend 🙂 This amount of deep coaching would normally cost between £600 and £800, but we’re offering it to you totally free of charge. We only have limited spaces though, so if you’re on board, grab your complimentary ticket here!

sO why are we doing this?

We’ve been delivering one-to-one coaching for hundreds of career-questioning medics for years now, and we’ve noticed that almost everyone who gets in touch with us describes a sense of isolation. Having doubts about medicine and wanting something different from your career is slowly becoming more talked about, but it’s still a taboo, and we frequently hear about how difficult it can be to even bring up these ideas with colleagues, supervisors and family members.

And we always tell people, you are absolutely not alone. We get at least two to three emails per week from medics who are feeling unfulfilled in their career and seriously considering a change. And we’ve witnessed how refreshing and inspiring it can be when people access our resources and find out just how many medics out there have either left medicine altogether, or diversified their careers to create a more fulfilling professional balance.

So we thought, why not bring people together? Let’s create a whole community of disillusioned medics where ideas and support can be shared. So as well as this amazing group coaching experience, we’ll also be adding all participants to a private Facebook group afterwards so people can chat, connect and keep in touch.

Are you in?

Back in 2015, when I left medicine with my head hung low, I could never have imagined the career journey I would have, or that I would one day be in the priviledged position of coaching other doctors. I’m so excited about this next step in Disillusioned Medic’s evolution, and I can’t wait to meet you and get you started on this incredible journey to a more fulfilling future 🙂 

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