My acting dreams come true!

As a child, I always wanted to be an actress – but for one reason or another, I never thought that dream would come true.

Now, however, although it’s not exactly what you’d call a blockbuster, I got the chance to have some fun and let off steam in this investment pitch video that I made with my colleagues.

voom comp

VOOM 2016 is a competition set up by Richard Branson for small business to win a share of £1 million worth of prizes and money-can’t-buy opportunities, which is why we’ve entered. Who knows how we’ll do, but if you like it, please vote for us and share!

*                          *                          *

I know it’s a bit rough round the edges, but making this video was the most fun I’ve had at work- ever. I felt guilty for having fun. I felt guilty for enjoying it when I didn’t enjoy Medicine, and yet I did enjoy it. I couldn’t help how I felt – I just liked being creative, I liked the acting and I liked being the centre of attention!

In my head, the same old voice was chiding me for doing something comparatively frivolous to what I used to do. Making an investment pitch for a small startup is never going to be as worthy as saving someone’s life, and the fact that I would rather do the former makes me feel like an incredibly selfish human being.

My consolation however is that is made my colleagues smile. On of them in particular was starting to look rather drained sat in front of horrible-looking spreadsheets, day in, day out, and I was starting to worry about his health. Doing the video got him out and made him laugh. Making someone’s day a little bit happier isn’t a bad aim in life I think.





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