Junior Doctor Cartoons #3 – 7

Forgive me for publishing these late – the last few days have been so busy! I’ve been putting a lot of effort into getting these cartoons right and publishing them in the right way. Now that the campaign is over, I thought I’d put the rest  of them together. I’ve linked the titles to the corresponding blog article on the Dr Morton’s website if you want to have a read – they’re all quite short. Enjoy!

#3 Aged consultant


When I told Karen, one of my new bosses, about this one, she said “I hope I don’t look like that to my patients!” (She’s an Obs and Gynae consultant). Since she’s nowhere near 93, I was able to reassure her! The Leeches poster in the background was the cartoonist’s idea, while Phrenology actually is a pseudomedical concept that was popular in the early 1800s. It was based on the idea that certain parts of the human brain were dedicated to particular functions. Definitely outdated!

This cartoon was inspired by many consultants friend and colleagues who have moaned to me that they haven’t been ‘allowed’ to retire, as the chronic shortage of specialists repeatedly prevents their shoes from being filled.

#4 Health Tourism


I love this one, especially as health tourism is already a reality for many Brits. It was fun to design the ‘social media’ look of the background, from the ‘facefix’ logo (see what we did there?) to the name of the character. ‘Harriet’ actually comes from the fictional character of Harriet Jameson, a pseudonym that we use in the office to write under if we want to keep something anonymous!

#5 Wound Checkout 


I learned from this cartoon that background is everything. I thought the image of the man with the machine and the sign above it would be pretty self-explanatory, but somehow without the other machines, other customer and the shopping baskets, it was just out of context. It’s funny how our cartoonist Rikki, from Hawk and Mouse, sometimes took the ideas right out my head, but at other times, like this one, we needed lots of redrafting and rethinking to make the vision on paper match the one in my mind!

#6 Endangered Species


I think, out of all of them, this is my favourite cartoon of the campaign. Little details include pen and pager on the floor, the feeding bowl of Coffee and the sign: Junius Doctorus. In decline since 2015.

#7 Queue for the GP 


Harriet Jameson makes another appearance here, but this time she’s in the wrong queue. Initially she was drawn wearing the same drab apparel as the rest of the crowd, but after a quick makeover, she stood out a bit more. I was actually a bit sad to put this one out today because it signalled the end of what’s been a really fun, empowering experience. There’s something about making fun of the things that distress you and beat you down. Like the Boggart in Harry Potter, some things are less overwhelming when you find a way to laugh at them, and let’s face it, in this whole junior contract saga, there’s no shortage of things that make you shout out ‘Riddikulus!’




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